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      [Pg 106]"I have a good excuse," he said, "in fact, the very best. As I told you some months ago, I have known Miss Lawrence for years. We have always understood one another, but because I was in no position to marry nothing has been said. Won't you be the first to congratulate me on my engagement?"

      The object that the Doctor picked up from the floor was an oblong-shaped piece of metal, almost as thin as paper, and slightly bluish in colour. Upon its surface, printed in red embossed letters, was the following matter:"Dick," he said, suddenly grave as he walked me down the veranda, "her cousin Ccile! isn't it awful? Now that poor girl's gone back to Ned's bedside; back to her torture! Why do they let her? My George! it's merciless! Has her aunt no eyes?"

      The constable laughed gently and stroked his moustache. His theory about the condition of the individual before him slowly developed.

      "It isn't in the game," Allingham began. But the other had gone out.LVI H?TEL DES INVALIDES

      "Charlotte," said Miss Harper, "the thing is an absolute certainty! Even without your likeness or--"

      Leona Lalage's eyes gleamed like points of fire. They seemed to be burnt into her face. Hetty could see the restless play of the 62jeweled hands.


      [Pg 209]


      "Oh, you are. The things you say. The things you think! I never knew."[Pg 144]


      "I remember now," the mechanical voice resumed, with something like a throb in it, "all that old businessbefore we became fixed, you know. But they had to leave it out. It would have made the clock too complicated. Besides, it wasn't necessary, you see. The clock kept you going for ever. The splitting up process went out of fashion, the splitting up of yourself into little bits that grew up like youoffspring, they used to call them."